what we do

new homes

It begins with a blank slate, and ends with the keys to your new future. Working closely your builder, the city and all stakeholders, we will advocate for your best interests throughout the design and build process to deliver your dreams. Our inclusive service will bring the project, successfully and affordably, through every step - from the initial design to the final polish on your new front door. Let us design some magic for you.

additions & remodels

Our needs change as we evolve. You may already have the perfect home for you, "if."  If you just had that extra bedroom, a larger master bath, a separate office, or an in-law suite.  Our process is much the same as with a complete home design - we start with your needs and wants and design a solution that works within your budget and time frame.


Conceptual design of a new home is never exclusive of the interior. We take a holistic view from the very moment we first walk your building site to ensure the proper flow and consistency of design. Every aspect, view and room is designed with a view to creating a high-functioning and beautiful form that elicits the ambiance you need. We can also provide simple space planning, FF&E, furniture and/or art plans as may be needed to maximize your existing home.