Woods Residence

Paradise Valley, AZ

The owners of this property had a very specific look in mind for what was originally a remodel/addition project. On seeing the original concept sketches, however, they loved the design and decided to build a completely new house on the existing site.

Situated with views of the landmark Mummy Mountain, this Territorial is wholly appropriate to its context. Clean modern lines, deep set windows, and a significant use of stone and exposed wood sets the tone for this southwestern home. Massing and the juxtaposition of strong vertical with horizontal detail elements create drama while remaining true to the aesthetic. Custom-cut wood outriggers define the roofline, adding drama and contrast to the exterior elevations.

Privacy being a key component of the scope, the design incorporates a large interior courtyard beyond the rustic entry doors and thick exterior walls. Using a double-framed wall method provided the look of heavy adobe walls without the cost. Inside, intricate yet rough hand-hewn wooden trusses are a focal point in the living and dining rooms, with the tongue and groove ceilings stained to match. The steel hardware was designed specifically for use in this home.